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Mastiha is a liqueur seasoned with mastic, a resin gathered from the mastic tree, a rare small evergreen tree that grows in the southern part of Chios island. Mastiha produced on the island of Chios has a protected designation of origin. The production of mastiha usually starts with an alcoholic base from fermented fruit (usually grapes) and double distilled and filtered through the roots of the mastic tree. The alcohol is flavoured with the resin of the tree and this is what gives the alcoholic drink its distinctive pine-like taste.


The liqueur is traditionally enjoyed chilled and neat at the end of meals as it is an excellent digestif. It has now bursted into the mixology scene as the exhilarating inspiration for new cocktail recipes and a fresh twist in established classics. Stamped and signed “The Growers’ Spirit”, Enosis (meaning ‘Union’, the namesake spirit of the Growers’ Association) is the authentic liqueur of the Chios Mastiha Growers and it offers the richest and most sophisticated mastiha experience.

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