“SELEZIONE” Grand Cru Biologico Olive Oil


The territory and the variety

The olive groves are located in a flat area. The climate is moderate, the terrain is medium clayey dough. The Cerasuola, Nocellara and Biancolilla in our Blend give the oil a fruity of medium intensity and a balanced taste between bitter, spicy and sweet, making the oil very versatile both in cooking and raw.


The land is fertilized with organic fertilizers and burying the legumes grown in the olive groves. Wild herbs are removed through light harrowing and the residues of the pruning are shredded and left in the field to enrich the soil of organic matter.


In October, when the drupes reach 5% of veraison harvesting is done by hand with facilitating equipment that causes the fall of the olives on nets spread out on the ground. The olives are placed away in perforated plastic boxes and transported to the mill.

The Processing

It takes place within 1 hour of collection in the mill in a continuous cycle about two kilometers away from the olive groves. The washed olives are pressed and the resulting paste is kneaded and placed in a two-phase decanter. Finally follows the action of the centrifugal separator from which the oil is obtained.

Storage and packaging

The oil is filtered and stored in the warehouse company in stainless steel containers below nitrogen (which prevents oxidation). The extra virgin olive oil Cerasuola Nocellara Biancolilla Organic Olive Oil it is then ready to be bottled.

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